2018 - REŠETILOVS for different industries

2018 - REŠETILOVS for different industries






In the year 2018 REŠETILOVS has produced record number of customized stainless steel made products for different industries:

  • water treatment;
  • wastewater treatment and reuse;
  • marine & offshore;
  • oil & gas;
  • food industry;
  • utility sector.

In the main line of business activity REŠETILOVS has produced the following equipment:

- the next phase of domestic wastewater treatment Station N3-HA1S-5040-972.N+P with total capacity up to 5 040 m3/day. Together with the subject phase the operated Station reaches the capacity of 2 520 m3/day;

- First half of the domestic wastewater treatment Station N3-СA1S-1000-972.N+P with capacity of 540 m3/day;

- Domestic wastewater treatment Bioreactors - S1-AM1B-140-911.B with capacity up to 140 m3/day and S1-IM1B-40-911.B with capacity up to 39 m3/day.


At the end of 2018 the total number of wastewater treatment plants and stations produced by REŠETILOVS corresponds to 1423 sets!

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