The history and the present of REŠETILOVS are based on a variety of international operations, activities and experiences. The worldwide cooperation with the partner companies leads to a continuous improvement, broadens and sustains our efforts on bringing to customers the resilient water solutions due to extensive knowledge and cross-linked expertise and skills.

   REŠETILOVS is committed to helping each partner to grow and succeed. We develop the highly demanded solutions and manufacture and sell to our partners high-quality equipment which is ease and reliable in operation.

Interested in an efficient and productive partnership?

   You are a company whose activities focus on the implementation of wastewater treatment projects with application of equipment, plants, their installation and/or service and maintenance?

   You would like to offer modern wastewater treatment technologies and products to your customers and business partners?

   Then we invite you to consider the partnership with REŠETILOVS SIA. We are constantly striving towards establishing new partnerships as only together we can care about the clean water resource on the planet Earth!

   If we have drawn your attention to an efficient and productive partnership with our company, please contact us.

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