Equipment production:

During the year “REŠETILOVS UN CO” produces 40 WWTPs – 27 of them for municipal wastewater treatment and 13 – for oil-contaminated wastewater treatment.

Since the company foundation in total 1202 WWTPs are produced.

Important and large-scale projects:

Two municipal wastewater treatment stations with capacity of 800 and 400 m3/day produced for “Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant II, Russia” project implementation.

Municipal wastewater treatment station with capacity of 5000 m3/day produced for “Gurievsk, Kaliningrad Region, Russia” project implementation.

WWTP 1st phase equipment with capacity of 1600 m3/day produced for “Closed town of Mirny, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia” project implementation.

2nd phase equipment with capacity of 5000 m3/day produced for WWTP extension up to 10000 m3/day in South Ossetia.

Municipal wastewater treatment station with capacity of 1200 m3/day produced for project implementation in Republic of Belarus.

Innovative and cost-effective solutions:

The innovative technical solution was developed with possibility of placing WWTPs in a heated ventilated hangar.

Production innovations:

  • Polishing and barreling technologies of small and medium size components of WWTPs are introduced.
    The company actively introduces the systems of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) during production of large WWTPs.
    Bending machine is equipped with bending robot.


For the first time “REŠETILOVS UN CO” participates in the world largest international specialized exhibition “IFAT ENTSORGA 2012”, Munich, Germany.

Staff development:

  • 10 specialists of the Company were trained according to Autodesk Inventor software that offers an easy-to-use set of tools for 3D mechanical design for digital prototyping of industrial products.
  • Personnel Department specialist visited a series of staff development activities.
  • The Company’s welding process engineer participated in a welding forum in Tallinn (Estonia) and visits a seminar in Shaulyay (Lithuania).
  • The Company’s Electrical engineers visited several seminars in Riga, Latvia held by SIA “SLO Latvija” and SIA “Schneider Electric Latvija”.

Training of Partners:

In August 2012 the Company made training on equipment installation, commissioning and operation.

During the year 23 delegations from 7 countries paid a visit to “REŠETILOVS UN CO”.

Other activities:

The Company switched to application of biodegradable detergents that considerably improved operation of its own WWTP.

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