2004 - Start of works with the Partner in Romania

2004 - Start of works with the Partner in Romania

Equipment production:

During the year “REŠETILOVS UN CO” produces 63 WWTPs – 55 of them for municipal wastewater treatment and 8 – for oil-contaminated wastewater treatment.

Since the company foundation in total 536 WWTPs are produced.

Important and large-scale projects:

Municipal wastewater treatment stations with capacity of 1000 m3/day produced for project implementation in Kuwait, with capacity of 720 m3/day - for project in Russia.

The company signs a contract for production of 33 WWTPs with capacity of 20 m3/day.

The first projects supported by Environmental Protection Funds, EU programs (PHARE and SAPARD) implemented with a Partner in Romania.

Kuwait becomes a new export market.


For the first-time “REŠETILOVS UN CO” participates in 2 international specialized exhibitions:

1.  “Ecwatech-2004”, Moscow, Russia.

2.  “AQUATECH 2004”, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The company places an article in Water & Wastewater magazine presenting wastewater treatment technology developed by “REŠETILOVS UN CO”.

In 2004 the company was re-registered as an Individual Enterprise “REŠETILOVS UN CO” IK.

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