for decentralized municipal wastewater management

with capacity from 120 up to 20000 m3/day

SERVING from 600 up to 100000 people


Callenges for the municipal market

  • Growing population and water consumption
  • Expanding use of chemicals and
    stringent legislation for wastewater treatment
  • Rapid urbanization
  • Energy, water, food security and
    climate change
  • Villages / towns with sanitation problems
  • Distance of location to centralized
    wastewater treatment facilities



REŠETILOVS Containerized solutions:

– Sustainable response to rapid urbanization

– Complete water independence:
   integrated wastewater treatment with
   agriculture and aquaculture

– Customized to any requirements and conditions

– Cost-effective decentralized wastewater management

– Lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX



  • Small cities
  • Decentralized villages and township
  • Temporary housing and construction sites
  • Holiday & leisure parks
  • Resorts
  • Health care facilities
  • Industrial zones
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