REŠETILOVS develop and offers disinfection units

for pathogenic microorganisms destruction in treated effluent.



E. coli is an indicator of microorganism’s presence. Typical amount of E. coli in raw wastewater is 106÷108  Coliforms.

Treated effluent disinfection units produced by REŠETILOVS remove 99% or 102 of Coliforms.

Models range: from 15 up to 920 m3/day.

  1. Free-flow (non-pressurized), plug-flow, continuously operating system; 

  3. High efficiency of effluent disinfection – 99% of pathoginic microorganisms or 102 of Coliforms removal;


  4. Low expenses for foundations of equipment due to small area for it placement;

  6. Minimal on-site mounting works due to ready-to-use technological solutions with factory made equipment;

  8. Long-life due to stainless steel use;

  10. Low operational expenses due to minimal electrical power consumption and process full mechanization and automation;

  12. Ecological safety due to disinfection by ultraviolet radiation lamps suspended outside of the liquid. UV radiation with a wavelength 253.7 nm causes direct death of microorganisms.

Ultraviolet disinfection units can be installed:

- on a beforehand made foundation;

- on a floor of ventilated, heated/conditioned facility/container;

- on overhanging brackets /frame.

Ultraviolet disinfection units equipped with:

- TUV/ULC type disinfection lamps fixed on a frame and suspended outside of the liquid;

- ballasts panel;

- complete set of pipelines for connection;

- complete set of standard electric equipment, including electrocables.


By individual request for operation in terms with low outside air temperature ultraviolet disinfection units are equipped with:

- self-adjusting heating cable,

- insulation for bottom.

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