The REŠETILOVS containerized solutions provide

numerous advantages

and allow placing the equipment you have

and deliver it to your Customers as complete pre-assembled plant.


  1. Pre-designed, pre-piped system resulting in 25-50% reduction in installation costs compared to conventional building construction;

  3. Reduced engineering time and expense;

  5. Minimal on-site work including mechanical and electrical;

  7. Can be placed on simple foundation or concrete slab base;

  9. The modular concept can save from 15-50% on comparable building costs;

  11. Can be deployed rapidly to meet aggressive project timelines;

  13. Ideal for remote sites where construction labor or qualified companies may be less available;

  15. Reduced time obtaining applicable regulatory or other local building permits.

Container can be designed for operation in different climate conditions from -55oC up to +55oC.

Containers can be produced for transportation in following ways:

- for road transportation by truck,

- for transportation inside standard closed sea container 20'DC (20'×8'×8,6") or 40'HC (40'×8'×9,6").

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