The installation of the first in the State of North Carolina wastewater treatment plant, designed and manufactured by our company, have been just completed.

We at REŠETILOVS faced several specific tasks which were successfully solved:

  • Develop such design which would fit into the limited space, taking into account still working the existing facilities to be gradually replaced
  • Develop the Resort specific solution to meet the tight treated effluent requirements
  • Bring the turn-key factory made WWTP with extremely intensive treatment processes and primary sludge processing on site to result in as much compact as possible footprint, easy and fast installation and low O&M costs
  • Provide the WWTP design for the project realization in two phases.

All partners, i.e. the engineering company, our U.S. Partner and our company, involved in the project execution worked with the aim to make the Customer happy. We all are glad about the Customer satisfaction for the work done for today!

We will be pleased to help you with wastewater treatment tasks and challenges.

So just contact us to make together your Customer happy!

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