Morocco declares state of water emergency and plans to triple its desalination capacity by 2030.


How it looks from point of nature? One resource, mean water, within the country, is almost spent and now the plan is to take water from the global cycle for consumption. Again and again we consume but how about recovery of resources and so often mentioned sustainability?

May be it is the right time to look at more nature-friendly, as less as possible resources consuming and affordable solutions. All disasters, states of emergency occur when the balances in nature are disrupted. It should be very carefully estimated what consequences desalination, in particular, will cause for the next generations.

Here you can see the concept for the food, water and energy security which our company developed already 5 years ago. Honestly, we have not implemented any such project till now but believe that in a very close future such projects will start for all our today living people on the planet and all the future generations benefit.

Let’s think about it and remember at the moments of making decisions on every level because as said the Moroccan Minister Nizar Baraka: “Water has become scarce and every drop is very important”. 

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